This entity represents a reshare of a StatusMessage.

Future of reshares

Current versions of diaspora* handle reshares like they inherit from Post and allow interactions (Comments and Likes) on the reshare. In the future, the reshare entity will only be used to increase the spread of a Post, more information about this can be found in this issue.

There currently exists a special case for reshares with a deleted root post. It is valid when the reshare doesn't include root_author and root_guid. If only one of root_author and root_guid is present, the entity is not valid. Once reshares are only used to increase the reach of a post, reshares without root_author and root_guid will no longer be valid and reshares will be deleted if the original post is deleted.

The recipient must fetch the root from root_author if the post is not already known. When the root_guid is already available locally, the recipient must validate that it’s from root_author.


Property Type Description
author diaspora* ID The diaspora* ID of the author of the reshare.
guid GUID The GUID of the reshare.
created_at Timestamp The create timestamp of the reshare.
root_author diaspora* ID The diaspora* ID of the author of the reshared Post.
root_guid GUID The GUID of the reshared Post.