This entity represents the embed information about an URL that should be embedded, it is nested in a StatusMessage. To embed a URL means to keep an embedded representation or a preview of a third party resource referenced by the URL inside the status message.

  • If this entity is present, the receiving server should only embed the included url and not search for other URLs to embed.
  • If the included url is a trusted oEmbed provider, the server should query the oEmbed data.
  • If title, description or image are missing, the server should query the information from the URL (oEmbed or OpenGraph).
  • If nothing is true the server should not embed any URLs.

A link to the embedded resource should also be included in the text of the StatusMessage for accessibility reasons, otherwise it could happen that some people don’t see the link, for example when this entity isn’t implemented or where no embeds are supported at all. However, it is possible that the link in the text and the url here are different, because some sites have different URLs in og:url as requested.

Optional Properties

All properties are optional, but either url is required or nothing must be true.

Property Type (Length) Description
url URL (65535) The URL that should be embedded.
title String (255) The title of the embedded URL.
description String (65535) The description of the embedded URL.
image URL (65535) The image of the embedded URL.
nothing Boolean true if nothing should be embedded.


Only url


With metadata

  <title>Example Website</title>
  <description>This is an example!</description>

With nothing