This entity is sent when a person changes their diaspora* ID (e.g. when a user migration from one to another pod happens).


Property Type Description
author diaspora* ID The diaspora* ID of the closed account.
person Profile New profile of a person
signature Signature Signature that validates original and target diaspora* IDs with the new key of person


The signature base string is produced by concatenating the following substrings together, separated by semicolon (:):

1) The entity name specifier: AccountMigration.

2) diaspora* ID of the closed account (old diaspora* ID).

3) diaspora* ID of the replacement account (new diaspora* ID).

Example of a string:


    <first_name>my name</first_name>
    <bio>some text about me</bio>
    <tag_string>#i #love #tags</tag_string>