This is API fiction!

This document provides the currently proposed API documentation for diaspora*. Please note that at this point in time, none of the methods are actually implemented.


  • Error codes and messages

diaspora* API documentation

diaspora* aims to offer a sophisticated API for most social networking applications. Because of our decentralized nature, some things might be a little bit different than most other API implementations, especially regarding authentication. If you experience any issues, feel free to get in touch with us.

Media Types

Currently, the API only supports JSON data exchange, so all requests should have their Accept header set correctly:

Accept: application/json

If, for some reason, setting the Accept header is not possible, adding .json to the call URL will also work.

Unless otherwise noted, bodies submitted via POST requests should be JSON encoded. Parameters to GET routes are simple request URL variables.

Value formats

Type Description Example
GUID A network-wide, unique identifier. 298962a0b8dc0133e40d406c8f31e210
timestamp An ISO 8601 time and date with timezone. 2016-02-19T02:13:41.863Z


Some responses, especially those with large response sets or with a larger server load, might respond in a paginated way. Paginated responses will contain a Link header with API routes to request items before or after the items returned in the current response:

Link: <>; rel="next",
      <>; rel="last"

Note: Line breaks were added to increase the readability, the actual header will not contain line breaks.

Please do not try to guess the pagination URLs. Some resources like streams, might use timestamps or GUIDs instead of an increasing page counter.

Possible rel values

rel Description
first Returns the first set of items in the requested set.
previous Returns the items before the items in the currently returned set.
next Returns the items after the items in the currently returned set.
last Returns the last set of items in the requested set.

Limiting the amount of results per page

By default, API endpoints return up to 20 items on a page. This can be changed by using the per_page parameter. would, for example, return 50 items. Please note that, unless otherwise noted, this parameter is capped to a maximum value of 100.

API support

This document specifies API Version 1, which is supported by diaspora* release X and newer. Version discovery should be done using nodeinfo prior to making any requests to ensure the endpoints are available. If a compatible diaspora* version was detected once, it is safe to assume a pod will stay compatible.